Siri can check the weather as you decide which jacket to grab, while Amazon’s Alexa searches for and plays the catchy song you heard yesterday, and Google Home orders you an Uber to meet your friends at lunch. [Read more…]

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Inside Acronym – May 18, 2017

Meet Acronym’s JP Spear. When did you join Acronym? I joined Acronym in July 2010! What is your title at Acronym and which Clients do you work for? As the EVP of Product Development, I work on almost all of Acronym’s clients in […]

AcroBabble – Going (Creatively) Digital – May 18, 2017

Google IO Edition. Google Lens – Google Assistant can now use Google Lens to interpret your surroundings and show relevant content on your screen. For example, you can point your phone at […]


AcroBabble – Going (Creatively) Digital – May 4, 2017

Facebook Begins Retargeting Potential Travelers with Ads Featuring Flight Info Facebook is now retargeting people with their airfare-promoting ads, Dynamic Ads for Travel for Flights. Airline advertisers and […]

Understanding Intent: Stop selling. Start helping.

Acronym CMO Mike Grehan recaps his recent presentation at MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit. Fifteen years ago, the former Chief Scientist at a search engine called Alta Vista, authored a scholarly paper with the […]

Google Fred: Everything You Need to Know & Less

Google has always been concerned with quality and promoting a quality user experience across all devices and platforms. Recently, Google’s dedication to quality has been exhibited by the […]

Inside Acronym – May 4, 2017

Meet Acronym’s Jonah Feld. When did you join Acronym? I joined the Acronym Team in July 2005! What is your title at Acronym and which Clients do you work for? I am the Director of Product Development, and I […]