An XML sitemap is a file where you can list all the web pages on your site to tell the search engines about the organization of your site content. The XML sitemap allows [Read more…]

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The Independent That *Did* Win In 2016!

All eyes may have been glued to the TV during the bare-knuckle fist-fight otherwise known as the election. And as usual, it was two major contenders[…]

Inside Acronym – December 2, 2016

Meet Acronym’s Joshua Mason PPC Intern When did you join Acronym? I’m pretty new around here. I started early October 2016. What is your title at […]


Do I need to go AMP after all?

The Internet used across the world is most decidedly mobile; accounting for more than half of all recorded sessions. Still, most websites are not yet[…]

Inside Acronym – November 3, 2016

Meet Acronym’s Courtney Rubenbauer, Associate Director, PPC When did you join Acronym? May 2016 What is your title at Acronym and which clients do […]

AcroBabble – Going (Creatively) Digital – November 3, 2016

Welcome to ‘Acrobabble’ where we check-in with our team members to see what industry news piece that have made it […]

Google Sitelinks Overview and Demotion

Sitelinks are links shown below some of Google’s search results which help users navigate through a website, by finding a pathway to other important and useful pages. How Can I Get Sitelinks? […]